Finding sustainable solutions to both the today’s energy problems as well as ingredients for everyday products is very much at the heart of what our Group philosophy is all about.

We continuously look at ways where we can work with our partners to reduce the carbon footprint that is involved in bringing their products to market focusing on a renewable feedstock product rather than relying of fossil-based ingredients


We are convinced that we have a responsibility to improve solutions to existing problems within our industry and we will continue to work tirelessly to achieve those goals.

At Alcotra, we have been focusing on ISCC PLUS which is a standard well-recognised by all stakeholders for recycled and bio-based materials.

ISCC PLUS certification provides traceability along the supply chain and verifies that companies meet environmental and social standards.

ISCC Plus is a thorough basis for the voluntary implementation of sustainability criteria in the supply chains, it is a good basis for sustainability in other industries than fuel ethanol as it applies for raw materials that do not qualify under the EU RED, but are relevant for other market applications like all other quality of ethanol traded by Alcotra around the globe.