As a group, our company’s philosophy is centred on sustainability and seeking out a cleaner, more viable solution to our supply chain.

With our own production plants in Europe and South Africa  we have focused on ISCC PLUS as a certification process that we feel incapsulates the essence of what we are trying to achieve. Besides the carbon saving aspect of the production and supply chain, there are also social and governance aspects of the business which are tested to ensure best practices.

At Alcotra, because we focus on supplying product from third party production partners, we are also looking at other certification processes to enable us to continue to meet the exacting standard requirements of our customers.

We are working with our customer partners, who have been driving change in the industry, and we acknowledge their aspirations, resulting in us creating a team to manage ESG and carbon saving improvements.

The aim of Alcotra ESG task force will be to work with all parties to ensure that we are driving this critically important process forward. Not only will they be liaising closely with our customers to understand their individual needs, but we will be working with our global supply partners to assist them in achieving these new required standards.

On top of this, we will be creating internal procedures that we will follow throughout our supply chain and will be working with the relevant recognised certification bodies to ensure that we remain at the forefront of this change in the business dynamic.

Alcotra fully support the drive for better environmental practices, governance and respect of human rights, for everyone in our business. We want to ensure that our partners have the correct governance practices and procedures in place, to create an equal and fair workplace.

ESG and sustainability will be an ongoing crusade, but our management and team members are resolute in their determination to see that we continue to drive this side of our business forward.