Our Products


Alcotra has been at the forefront of the beverage alcohol supply business since our company’s inception in 1990. Our focus on creating a bespoke quality control system to ensure consistent high levels of performance has enabled us to garnish a reputation second to none.

Personal Care

Over the past two decades we have seen a change in focus from our customers to a more sustainable supply chain and feedstock. Historically, a sector, supplied by synthetic based products, we have seen increased demand for a renewable, sustainable ingredient base.

Alcotra has been at the forefront of pioneering this switch by proving that a fermentation-based ethanol can be as consistent as a synthetic based product as long as the sourcing and delivery process is kept to exacting standards.

Alcotra prides itself on building on years of experience to ensure that every aspects of our process ensures such exacting standards and as a result of this, we have been able to grow long terms relationships with many of the leading world producers of Personal Care Products.

Home Care

Home Care products, like Personal Care, was very much a realm of the synthetic alcohol industry, until world opinion and environmental concerns led major Home Care producers to seek more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives

We have worked tirelessly with these companies to seek out specific supply sources that fit their exacting criteria, and then created dedicated supply chains from these global origins, to ensure consistent levels of quality.

We are a global business and so are able to offer our global customers, global solutions and our storage at destination allows them to work using a ‘just in time’ policy, in the knowledge that we have the infrastructure in place to support them wherever they may be in the world


Within the industrial, screenwash and chemical industries, the need for consistently high-quality feedstock is paramount. Any deviation from the agreed specification is highly undesirable and so our clients have very high expectation levels.

This is an environment that we as a business thrive in because we have spent years creating supply partnerships with producers that we stand in the highest possible regard due to their exacting standards. We have harnessed long-term relationships the world over with producer partners that we know will deliver consistently high levels of performance, both in quality and sustainability.

Our logistics process and procedures are then in place to ensure the precise integrity of quality that our clients require.

We work tirelessly with our clients to ensure that we are ever improving in these changing times, in order to continue to deliver the service and product they need

Pharmaceutical & Medical

Both the pharmaceutical and medical sectors require a consistent, quality product delivered on time through a failsafe delivery process that ensures product integrity. With our network of storage tanks, trucks, ISO, IBC and drumming capabilities, we are able to deliver that promise to our customers.

Whether the product may be for contact lenses, wound dressing, cleaning solution for medical equipment, or extraction and carriers for excipients, our customers need to have complete faith in the product they are using and our years of experience in managing this process ensures that our customers have that level of comfort.

Ethanol For Fuel

Bio ethanol, a clean-burning fuel and octane booster produced from renewable sources (corn, beet or wheat), or from waste (alcohol from zero% beer) is one of ALCO’s strongest areas of expertise. In Europe we provide ethanol produced with a net greenhouse gas saving compared to petrol of more than 90%.

Product Specifications

At Alcotra, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients the right product, to suit their every need. There are in fact a significant number of variables that we can adhere to in order to facilitate our customers’ requirements and we pay particular attention to ensuring the integrity of product through to delivery point. Below are some examples of types of product we focus on and the industries that they are used in;

Neutral Alcohol

Made from sugar cane juice or molasses (ENA), but also from corn/wheat (GNS), it is used in a range of products including alcohol beverages, medicines, perfumes, food essences, sanitizers, vinegars, carriers for excipients, medical equipment cleaning solutions and paints.

Anhydrous Neutral Alcohol

Made from both cane/molasses and grains, it is used in a range of products including Personal care products, hairsprays, perfumes, air fresheners, paints and printing inks.

Industrial Grade Alcohol

Named either “B” or “C” grade depending on levels of different specific impurities, these grades could be hydrous or anhydrous grades and produced from both cane/molasses and grains. They are used extensively in the production of ethyl acrylate, ethyl acetate as well as other chemical industries, but also as feedstock for many of the beverage alcohol brands in Asia.

REN Alcohol

REN initially states for “Rectified Extra Neutral”; it is used today as a feedstock for beverage products in Asia but also for vinegars, homecare, and other chemical industries in Europe.

Fuel Ethanol

Fuel Ethanol, also known as bioethanol, is a clean-burning fuel and octane booster produced from renewable sources (corn, wheat, tapioca, sugar cane or its molasses, sugar beet). There is also a growing market for 2nd Gen bioethanol derived from both agricultural and industrial residue or waste. Other markets where ethanol will play an important part in decarbonising transport and energy sectors are AtoJ for Sustainable Aviation Fuels and using CO2 produced during ethanol production as a feedstock for Green Hydrogen.