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Product Specifications

At Alcotra, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients the right product, to suit their every need. There are in fact a significant number of variables that we can adhere to in order to facilitate our customers’ requirements and we pay particular attention to ensuring the integrity of product through to delivery point. Below are some examples of types of product we focus on and the industries that they are used in;

Neutral Alcohol

Made from sugar cane juice or molasses (ENA), but also from corn/wheat (GNS), it is used in a range of products including alcohol beverages, medicines, perfumes, food essences, sanitizers, vinegars, carriers for excipients, medical equipment cleaning solutions and paints.

Anhydrous Neutral Alcohol

Made from both cane/molasses and grains, it is used in a range of products including Personal care products, hairsprays, perfumes, air fresheners, paints and printing inks.

Industrial Grade Alcohol

Named either “B” or “C” grade depending on levels of different specific impurities, these grades could be hydrous or anhydrous grades and produced from both cane/molasses and grains. They are used extensively in the production of ethyl acrylate, ethyl acetate as well as other chemical industries, but also as feedstock for many of the beverage alcohol brands in Asia.

REN Alcohol

REN initially states for “Rectified Extra Neutral”; it is used today as a feedstock for beverage products in Asia but also for vinegars, homecare, and other chemical industries in Europe.

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