Building the transition

Our years of experience have given us the ability to understand where the value is in global markets and to be able to leverage that knowledge to create best value for our customers whilst also fostering long term relationships with both suppliers and end users.

Our story

Our Activity

Alcotra is headquartered in Geneva and we have operations in all the major trading regions of the world. Since our inception in the 1990’s we have progressively expanded our global presence by opening numerous offices to ensure that we are able to efficiently service our local supply partners and customers.

Our Products

The company remains focused on ethanol as product and works within the numerous industries where ethanol plays a major part. As a diverse product, we work with customers in the beverage, homecare, personal care, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical sector.

Sustainable living

In our biofuels business, we have strived to excel in being carbon efficient and we are trying to use this mindset to improve our businesses philosophies throughout our business sectors

We have embarked on an ambitious tree planting programme that will be used to offset any carbon excess created elsewhere in the group

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