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About Alcotra North America

Alcotra North America (formally known as AlcoChem Inc) was created in 1998 and is based in Houston, Texas. The company has been a major player is both imports and exports for North America, focusing primarily on the non-fuel sector of the industry.

With our strategic, dedicated storage in the US Gulf, we are able to load and discharge high quality product of all types in order to suit our customers’ specific needs.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team in Houston process and deliver product in all formats, whether it be in bulk, rail, ISO tanks of trucks to our customers throughout the US, ensuring that the integrity of our product always remains exact throughout the delivery process.


As well as imports to the US, we also use our terminal hubs to export high grade US product to our various global destination markets, loading multiple vessels each month shipping into both the traditional and biofuel markers.

Alcotra North America have built an excellent reputation over the years of creating long term partnerships with both our supply partners and our customers.

These relationships have been built of a foundation of mutual trust and respect and is something we as a business work diligently to uphold.

Our products are used to supply the beverage, biofuels, cosmetics and perfumes homecare, personal care, inks and paints and food industries.

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+1 832 608 6024
2603 Augusta Drive
Houston, TX77057, United States

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