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Founded in 1907, la Société des Alcools Dénaturés (S.A.D.)  specialises in denaturing, mixing, conditioning and distribution of ethanol for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or chemical industries servicing our customers, in France and throughout Europe with both denatured and undenatured Ethanol.

High standards

To maintain our demanding high standards of product quality and delivery, we have our own on site laboratory, enabling us to test the full blending process in real time.

Having our own packaging facility allows us to deliver a bespoke product range to our customers, satisfying a huge variety of needs.

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Our portfolio of products include:

  • Agricultural Beverage Ethanol : ABV 96, 99, …
  • Industrial Ethanol
  • Organic certified Ethanol
  • Biocide art 95 compliant Ethanol
  • COSMOS certified Ethanol
  • Ethanol for COSMOS NATURAL products
  • Fairtrade certified Ethanol
  • Synthetic Ethanol
  • Isopropanol (IPA)
  • Methanol
  • MEK

We have facilities to pack our product from trucks, partial trucks, IBCs, Drums to 500ml bottles, depending on our customers’ needs and Customs requirements. Our own dedicated truck fleet allow us to better serve our customers all over the continent.

49, Route d’Oulins – 28260 Anet – FRANCE
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